At Benjamin & Blum we continue the traditions of my great-grandfathers, who sought out the very best delicacies for their customers. Our products are made by hand in small batches to ensure the highest quality, and we have worked with chefs and artisan producers to create a stunning range of luxury food and drink selections, using rare and exclusive ingredients.

We are launching the new Benjamin & Blum range with a collection of rare teas, which we have created to complement the finest whiskies, cognacs and armagnacs. I look forward to introducing you to Benjamin & Blum, and I hope you enjoy exploring the endless ways in which our teas can deepen your experience of your favourite drinks.

Yours sincerely,


Paul Benjamin

Managing Director


Benjamin & Blum is proud to present a collection of rare, small-batch teas, which have been specially selected, brewed and bottled to enjoy in luxurious settings or with exceptional whiskies, cognacs and cigars.

Luxury Bottled Tea

Our individual presentation boxes contain a precious decanter of tea; choose from our Darjeeling White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) and our Connoisseur’s Oolong.

The Master Blender’s Collection

Our limited edition presentation set contains one of each type of bottled tea, together with an exceptional 25 years old blended Scotch whisky from Kinloch Anderson. 


Our distinctive oval boxes are hand-made, and the black and gold colouring reflects our brand’s heritage in continental Europe.

How to enjoy our teas

Savour them lightly chilled as a mixer for whiskies, cognacs and armagnacs … enjoy them as a refreshing palate cleanser with fine spirits or cigars … or indulge in them as an ultra-luxury long drink.

Pairing with spirits

Our Darjeeling White Peony complements cognacs and armagnacs, as well as rich sherried or fruity whiskies, while our Connoisseur’s Oolong complements robust, peated and smoky whiskies.

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Serving Suggestions

Serve in a shaped glass to fully appreciate the aromas. For a palate cleanser, pour about 75ml and sip slowly. When mixing with a whisky or cognac, try it in a 1:1 ratio, and add more tea according to taste. For a long drink, add an ice cube and lots of tea.

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Selecting and bottling the teas

Each tea is carefully selected for its rarity and taste. It is then brewed in Britain, using Scottish spring water, and bottled in our distinctive gold bottle with its own crystal stopper.

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The Darjeeling White Peony

Our White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) tea is grown at high altitude in Darjeeling, and is hand-picked once a year in the perfect conditions to create a delicate and fragrant drink.

The Connoisseur’s Oolong

Our Connoisseur’s Oolong is grown in New Zealand in conditions that match the finest Taiwanese tea gardens. It is a superb example with aromatic depth and a natural sweetness.




  • Announcing our collaboration with Kinloch Anderson on a beautiful new gift set, The Master Blender’s Collection.  This limited edition pairing brings together their 25 years old Scotch whisky with two of our rare bottled teas. More details: English /  中文.
  • Benjamin & Blum is featured in a four-page spread in Marquess, the magazine for Chinese luxury consumers in Britain. View the article here.
  • Our new online shop has launched, with international shipping – visit shop.benjaminandblum.com.
  • Benjamin & Blum is now available at Shangri-La hotels in Hong Kong.
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Our passion for the rarest food and drink began in Germany and Austria, with two family businesses that served high society in early twentieth century Europe. Marcus Benjamin was a purveyor of the finest delicacies in turn-of-the-century Berlin, while Friedrich Blum supplied exotic imported specialities, as well as teas and coffees, to the restaurants and grand coffee houses of Vienna.

In London we have recaptured the discernment and passion that Marcus Benjamin and Friedrich Blum shared.


Marcus Benjamin moves to Berlin to set up his specialty food and drink business.


Friedrich Blum starts supplying tea, coffee and luxury goods to Viennese high society.


Their great-grandson, Paul Benjamin, opens Benjamin & Blum in London.

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Benjamin & Blum launches its rare tea collection to complement the finest spirits.



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